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4 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep From A Baby Sleep Coach In Langley

Getting a baby, especially a newborn, to sleep at night can be challenging. Most new babies prefer to sleep throughout the day and stay awake throughout the night.

If you're lucky, your baby might stay awake without crying and keeping the whole neighborhood up. If you're not lucky, well, your baby will cry all through the night with no chances of being soothed. Whether your baby stays up crying through the night or just stays up staring at your face throughout the night, calling a baby sleep coach in Langley will be helpful.

Before you invite a professional to your home, here are some expert tips from a baby sleep coach in Langley that can help you improve your baby's night-time sleeping habits:

1) Reduce The Daytime Naps

This is probably the most common tip for baby sleep management. When your baby spends long hours of the day sleeping, especially in the evening, your entire family is going to have a long night.

Don't let your baby sleep for more than 3 hours during the day. You can wake the baby up and feed the baby. After feeding, try to keep the baby up for some time, say, 30 minutes and if the baby is still sleepy, lay the baby back for another nap. Breaking up sleep during the day and keeping it at 2-3 hours maximum during the day is a good way to boost nighttime sleep quality and duration.

Note that there may be times when your baby will be too tired and need extra time to nap. You can break the tradition for that one nap and get back to it after.

2) Tighten The Swaddle

Babies tend to possess startle reflexes innately. They feel like they are falling almost all the time. This makes them jerk and wake up while they are sleeping. When you use a tight swaddle to wrap your baby, the falling sensation will be minimized, and the chances of the baby waking up because of it will reduce. This startle reflexes typically affects infants of zero to toddlers of four years.

When your baby can comfortably remove his or her arms from the swaddle and roll over, change it to something that only covers the torso.

3) Use White Noise

Noise is a key factor that can deprive your baby of sleeping comfortably. You can use white noise to shield your baby from all the noise around. Placing a fan on medium somewhere in the room can help keep the baby calm throughout the night. However, the baby should not be directly from the fan.

4) Dream Feed The Baby

Dream feeding your baby means giving your baby food right before bedtime. This will keep the baby satisfied and sounded asleep, so the baby doesn't wake up right after you sleep because of hunger. Dream feeding can help your little one sleep for longer periods at night.

Parents have the most difficult and most important role in the society. Taking care of a child, especially at the early stage isn't easy. It is important that you do everything you can to give your baby the best care possible while you also take good care of yourself too. If these tips don't help your baby, contact a baby sleep coach In Langley.


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