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Why You Should Hire A Baby Sleep Coach In Surrey

If you are finding it difficult to sleep-train your baby, you may need to hire an experienced baby sleep coach in Surrey. This is because your baby’s sleep is not a luxury but a necessity. So, you must get it right. If you are a first time mother, it is better to hire a baby sleep coach in Surrey because of your inexperience.

To make you understand why it is necessary to hire a baby sleep coach in Surrey, some of the benefits of good sleeping habit have been outlined right below.

Good sleeping habit promotes healthy growth

Growth hormone is primarily secreted during deep sleep so children that regularly get deep sleep grow faster and healthier than babies who don’t. Your baby should spend at least 50 percent of his 24 hours having a deep sleep.

Waking up in the night usually terminates some developmental processes in their body. And this slows their growth down drastically. This can be likened to when you are installing a file on your PC or mobile device. If the installation gets terminated when it is 99 percent, you will need to start from scratch again. When a particular growth process is terminated, it will start all over again and it may be after some days.

Some Italian researchers have found out that most of the children that are deficient in growth hormone sleep relatively less deeply than other children do.

Sleep regulates the heart

Children having sleep disorder usually have elevated cortisol and blood glucose and both of them have been linked to the possibility of having heart disease, obesity, or diabetes.

Inadequate sleep can cause obesity

Over the years, several researches have linked inadequate sleep to excessive weight in children. One thing you should understand is that children don’t only eat when they are hungry. They also eat out of fun or boredom. So, the longer your kid stays awake, the more he is likely to eat and this increases his chances of being overweight.

On the hand, less sleep reduces agility and level of activeness. When your kid is less active, he will burn less calories and this also leads to obesity. Obesity in kids is much worse than in adult because once they become obese, they will begin to live with the risk of having a heart disease.

Sleep helps babies fight infections and illnesses

During sleep, babies produce proteins called cytokines. These proteins help them to fight against stress, illness and infections. As a rule of the thumb, the more your baby sleeps, the more cytokines he produces. Needless to say the more cytokines your baby produces is directly related to the level of his immunity.

Inadequate sleep increases restlessness

Children that have less sleep have been found to be more restless than other kids. Being restless can make your kid over playful and this will increase his chances of tripping and falling. This could be the reason why some kids cannot sit down somewhere for just ten minutes.

According to some experts, restless children also have short attention spans. So, it is not out of place to say children that do not have adequate sleep also have short attention spans.

In conclusion, the benefits of adequate sleep listed above are just a fraction of the importance of adequate sleep to children. So, you should take your child’s sleeping habit very seriously. If you find it difficult to sleep-train him, you may need to seek help from professionals.


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