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Finding The Right Child Sleep Consultant In Langley

Most new mothers have trouble with their newborns who find it difficult to sleep. The same scenario plays out night after night. Some mothers begin to fear that something is wrong with their baby and take them to the doctor. They become exhausted from trying different methods to make their baby sleep.

A child sleep consultant in Langley can provide help to new mothers. These professionals are trained to work with children and create personalized plans according to the needs of the kids. How can you find a good child sleep consultant in Langley?

Tips to help you in your search

Word of mouth recommendation

Over 12,000 children are born daily in the U.S, and more than half experience sleep problems. Many parents have used sleep consultants. Ask your neighbors, friends, or co-workers, as they are the best people that can recommend a consultant.

 Listen to testimonials

Always pay attention to what people say about a sleep consultant. Ensure that they are realistic testimonials and not just general statements about the services. Does the consultant have others who have used their services to vouch for him/her?

Find a consultant who matches your philosophy

What are you looking for? Do you want a consultant that matches your personal philosophy? Or do you want a person who has a clinical or medical degree? Do you want a mother who is also a consultant? Note that some pediatricians may not have a lot of experience with baby sleep and are not fully trained. Some doctors also believe that the baby should cry it out. This philosophy doesn’t go well with most new moms. Before you hire a child sleep consultant in Langley, consider their philosophy.

Is the consultant compassionate and caring?

A sleep consultant should be caring and not just result driven. If they bark orders without listening to you or the baby, then they are not in tune with the needs of your family.

Does the consultant offer realistic outcomes?

Does the consultant say your newborn will sleep through the night for three days no matter the situation? Does it sound too unrealistic? This may not work for all babies. Ensure that your preferred consultant sets realistic expectations.

Is your consultant backed by a solid team?

A good consultant must be backed by a solid team. This solid team must involve other sleep consultants that are experienced. This is necessary when your consultant is unavailable. There should be a capable consultant to take her place in her absence. A good consultant should have licensed social workers, lactation consultants, and professionals with nutrition, medical, psychological experiences.

The last consideration should be whether the consultant has enough experience. So many sleep consultants are available today as opposed to a decade ago. Some of these consultants work with both adults and kids while other specialize in kids sleep. It is safer to pick one with experience in dealing with kids. You will be sure that they have tested and trusted strategies that help your baby sleep soundly at night.


Child Sleep Consultant Langley
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