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Enlight Treatment Center is a leading rehab for gambling addiction treatment in Ventura with world-class amenities and the best inpatient programs. We create customized treatments and therapies for individuals battling gambling addiction to help them embrace improved physical and mental wellness over the years. 

What is a dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to a condition where individuals suffer from a behavioral disorder and a mental health problem. Often, the behavioral issue stems from an underlying mental health problem, making for a much more dangerous situation. As relaxed and permissive spaces, casinos allow and tolerate all sorts of behaviors from gamblers, especially drinking. Drug dealers find it easy to sell their products in the bathrooms and hallways of casinos, putting gamblers at a higher risk of drug abuse.

Gamblers must seek gambling addiction treatment for their co-occurring disorders to prevent adverse consequences to their mental health, physical wellbeing, and financial standing. 

What is compulsive gambling?

When individuals place a bet in person or online, their brain begins anticipating a monetary reward. If the individual wins even a minor amount, their brain releases dopamine. If the win is high, the dopamine boost increases accordingly, causing the brain to develop a dependence as a result.

Over time, the brain cells involved in the pleasure pathway lose their ability to function normally without the individual engaging in gambling, which is called compulsive gambling. Our job is to moderate gambling support groups and help individuals heal and recover with peer support.

Warning signs of a gambling disorder

Individuals with compulsive gambling issues barely recognize the fact that they may have a behavioral disorder. Some of the symptoms of gambling disorder include:

  1. Having a preoccupation with gambling - Individuals wake up in the morning and immediately feel the need to gamble or forgo their work-related responsibilities and personal commitments to gamble.
  2. Gambling to relieve stress - Individuals try to escape their feeling of sadness and emotional distress by engaging in gambling. Over time, they begin to feel depressed and anxious when they do not gamble.
  3. Inability to quit - Even after repeated efforts to give up the habit, individuals find themselves helpless and continue to gamble.

In worse cases, some people resort to deceit or thievery to pay for the debts they have incurred due to gambling. Failing to seek timely help from a California gambling addiction treatment center can lead to financial devastation for the individual and his/her family.

Common mental health issues that present with gambling addiction

Over 50% of individuals who develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol suffer from underlying mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder. In some cases, individuals exhibit symptoms of mental health disorders after developing an addiction to gambling.

ADHD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and schizophrenia are other mental health issues that occur alongside gambling addiction. Group therapy and support for gambling addiction can help you overcome behavioral disorders and attain improved mental wellness.

Do not let your gambling disorder decide your destiny! Act now; call Enlight Treatment Center at 1-866-604-0727 to seek help from experienced professionals. We offer unsurpassed gambling addiction treatment in Ventura with a team of skilled mental health experts and therapists. 

gambling addiction treatment Ventura
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gambling addiction treatment Ventura
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