Prosthetic limbs Nashville

Are you an amputee looking for a prosthesis or want to replace your current prosthesis with a new one? If you answer yes to one of the above questions, you can rely on Human Technology to get one of the best prosthetic limbs in Nashville.

What are prosthetic limbs?

Prosthetic limbs or prostheses are an artificial substitution of a missing body part, such as a leg, knee, a hip, arm, the palate, eye, or tooth used for cosmetic or functional reasons or both. Prosthetic limbs make things possible for patients suffering from limb loss by equipping them with a prosthesis that functions so efficiently. These artificial limbs closely resemble the initial appearance, and with the latest art of designing, an amputee can resume day-to-day activities with the disability passing unnoticed.

A prosthetic limb may be removable or permanently implanted; for instance, a prosthetic leg is removable while a prosthetic hip is permanent. A removable prosthesis is ideal for persons who may want to have more than one device each for various types of tasks. In the prosthetic field, there’re four common types of prosthetic limbs, which replaces a complete loss or partial loss of a leg or arm. These include:

  • Above the elbow, (transhumeral)
  • Below the elbow, (transradial)
  • Above the knee, (transfemoral)
  • Below the knee, (transtibial)

Important things to consider when getting a prosthetic limb

If you're missing one of your parts, it's certainly in your best interest to consider getting the best prosthetic device to get back your movement. The important thing isn’t just getting an artificial limb, but choosing the best-fit design that'll help you achieve your life goals.

There’re several factors that need consideration when picking a prosthetic device. If you want to get one of the most remarkable prosthetic limbs in Nashville, here's what to consider when buying your device:

  • Lifestyle
  • Comfort
  • Availability
  • Cost
  • Environment
  • Level of activity
  • Level of amputation
  • Availability

Excellent prosthetic limbs

We've accumulated over a decade of experience in providing the most effective solutions for people suffering from limb loss or certain musculoskeletal conditions caused by illness, injury, or congenital anomaly. We believe in perfection and strive to bring the latest technology, professionalism, and genuine care in the prosthetics and orthotics field.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff dedicates their specialties to offer personalized patient care you cannot find anywhere else. We're beyond compare company, focusing on the same goal of delivering exceptional care and the latest technology to our patients.

Get an optimal prosthetic limb

If you’re considering to get one of the top-tier prosthetic limbs in Nashville, smile now because we’ve got the remarkable artificial limbs in town. Whether it's your first time to get a prosthesis or you want to dive in the advanced artificial limbs, then we've got the best fit for you.

Don’t give up due to your amputation condition because Human Technology is here to help you attain the highest level of independence, activity, and comfort. Visit us today to experience our difference, commitment, and top-quality care.

Prosthetic limbs Nashville
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Prosthetic limbs Nashville
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