Struggling With Sleep?

Are you...

Struggling with a sleep deprivation?

Wondering how to handle a regression?

Wanting longer, dependable naps?

Looking to achieve a FULL night sleep for YOU and BABY?

Interested in developing an age-appripriate schedule?

Guide Me Overnight

Guide Me Half Night

6 hrs
$450 add-on to any package

I will come to you and help you implement your customized  Sleep Plan. I'll arrive just after dinner and stay for the first half of the night so I can help you implement the plan with your child.  I will be there to walk you through everything and answer questions in real time. We will work together to teach your child healthy sleep  habits.

Guide Me All Night

13 hrs
$800 add-on to any package

When was the last time YOU slept through the night?  If you can't remember, then this may be exactly what you need! I can guarantee you a full nights sleep because I will come to your house, go over the plan in full detail and then help you tuck your little ones into bed. Once they are in bed I'll take over while you sleep, you don't even need to be home! I will stay up all night and put the plan into place for you so you can get some much-needed sleep! Once your child is up for the day, I will get you up to speed on all the details of the night.  When I leave, you'll feel refreshed, informed and ready to take on the days and nights! A full night of sleep will make you feel like a new person!


I would love to hear from you! You may contact me by phone, email or by filling out the contact form.

Courtney Parker, B.Sc Biology
Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

Phone: 604-307-0103